Liquid level measuring device
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side-installed basic series automatic shining remote magnetic floater level gaugeLHCF-F


??LHCF-F series magnetic floater level gauge is a kind of monitoring instrument of the level gauge with the multiple functions, it can deliver the change of the liquid level to the site indicator by the magnetic floater in order to indicate the real height of the liquid level; In addition, it can be selected to equip with the function of liquid level alarm and the remote display. All in all, it is the ideal instrument of monitoring the liquid level for the industrial departments such as petrochemical technology, metallurgy, electricity and environment protection and so on. Nowadays, it is extensively applied in the aspect of the liquid level measuring such as the boiler drum of the thermal power plant, steam water separator, deaerator, and condenser, high and low heater, drain tank, fuel tank, acid-base storage device and so on, which has the characteristics of simple structure, convenient maintenance, clear display and direct observation etc.


??The magnetic material is made of high temperature resistant permanent magnet material.

??The magnetic float has a compressive strength of up to 22 MPa.

??The main part of the body is made of high quality stainless steel.

??Remote instrumentation and high and low level alarms can be installed.

??The automatic shining type is more convenient for observation at night.

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