Liquid level measuring device
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No-blind high-pressure plate type double-color level gaugeLHSB-1.6~32-W series


??At present, we have mainly two kinds of LHSB series plate type double-color level gauges: conventional type and online self-flushing type. They are mainly used for power station boiler drums and other water level indications under high temperature and high pressure conditions. According to the structure, they are divided into two types: linear and interlaced (blind-zoneless). The light source adopts the new LED red and green light source developed by our company. The water level indication is clear and the boundary is distinct, which has achieved good observation results. It has the advantages of low maintenance, low power consumption, long service life and low cost.


??The observation window is made of special Al-Si glass, which has good optical permeability and pressure bearing performance.

??The selection of high quality mica and compound pad to deal with sealing, which ensure high pressure sealing, anticorrosion and clearly observation.

??Safety balls are installed in steam and water valves, when level gauge decompresses suddenly, the valves will close automatically to avoid any accident.??

??The light source has low power consumption, long service life, high brightness, good color purity, little heat dissipation, continuous brightness adjustment, low cost of accessories, and convenient replacement.

??The special mechanical structure and processing technology are used to improve the service life of the level gauge.

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